Glass Dome with Walnut MDF Base & Brass Wire - 4" x 7"


Plymor 4" x 7" Watch / Ornament Glass Display Dome Cloche (Walnut MDF Base & Brass Wire)
SIZE: Exterior: 4" wide by 7" high (+/- .1") Interior: 3.875" wide by 6.625" high (+/- .1")

What size dome to order? Measure your item by its width, height, and depth because the dome needs to fit all the way around. This dome begins to arch at approximately 5".

Style: This dome includes a Walnut color MDF (medium-density fiberboard) Base and features a removable brass wire which leaves about 5.25" from the base to the bottom of the hook. Hand blown glass domes can vary slightly in thickness and/or clarity which adds character to your display.

Creative uses: Exhibit your items in glass domes to add style to your retail store display, home or office. Domes can be used for figurines, miniatures, heirlooms, souvenirs, keepsakes, fashion or porcelain dolls, sports memorabilia, collectibles, crafts, models, statues, sculptures, artifacts and antiques. Accent your floral bouquets, seasonal arrangements, and decorative table centerpieces for your banquet or reception. Create plant terrariums, dioramas and fairy gardens. We also offer many domes which accommodate the display of clocks, pocket watches or hanging ornaments.

Plymor Guarantee: Collecting Warehouse guarantees all Plymor products to arrive free of damage and defects

Glass Dome with Walnut MDF Base & Brass Wire - 4" x 7"

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