Plymor Arched 5mm Beveled Glass Mirror Backdrop, 9 inch


Plymor Arched 5mm Beveled Glass Mirror Backdrop, 9 inch
Center Mirror: 6 inch x 9 inch Side Mirrors: 3 inch x 9 inch

What size mirror to order? Consider the available space where you intend to place the mirror. Ensure that the mirror will fit proportionally within the area.

Style: Premium quality, highly reflective polished glass mirror with foam pads to protect table surface.

Creative Uses: Our exquisite genuine glass mirrors are designed to elevate the style of your retail store displays, home, or office. These versatile mirrors serve as the perfect canvas to showcase an array of cherished items, from figurines, miniatures, heirlooms, souvenirs, and keepsakes to fashion dolls, porcelain dolls, sports memorabilia, collectibles, crafts, models, candles, statues, sculptures, artifacts, and antiques. They effortlessly accentuate floral bouquets, and seasonal arrangements, lending a touch of elegance to your banquets or receptions. Moreover, our mirrors can be transformed into stunning home decor pieces, making them ideal for gifts, room decor, and a myriad of other decorations. Explore endless creative possibilities for your home, workplace, parties, and weddings, as these mirrors become the foundation for your artistic endeavors.

Plymor Guarantee: Collecting Warehouse guarantees all Plymor products to arrive free of damage and defects.

Plymor Arched 5mm Beveled Glass Mirror Backdrop, 9 inch

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